Wednesday, June 25, 2008

just tonight

Every time I see a wrinkle

Gonna take a sprinkle

Of liquid vitamin E

Gonna take the excess

And smooth it in my headress

To be hair conditioning

The drops that fall, I’m gonna let

Drizzle in the decollete',

Then smooth them in the skin

Be who you are, Michelle

Don’t make, don’t’ pretend

Don’t alter, don’t blend

It felt so good tonight,

To rip my clothes off

Listening to classic rock,

“heard it through the grape vine”

Oh…to try on my new swimsuit

There is a purpose

And I‘m just about to lose my mind

Honey, yeah yeah yeah

And I know, there’ll be no ..tears in heaven

Michelle has joined the dress girls!!

Cirtrus yellow dress bought months ago

Saved in a closet .

For the right time to go

Put it on tonight

Doesn’t feel perfectly right

Adjust the bow,

Better.. It’ll go




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