Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday, I was fed up with my hair.  Haven't had a haircut in - best I can guess, a year and a half.  It was really looking rough.  So I called my friend's shop, and she had an opening today (thursday) at noon.  I grabbed it. 

Ollie has been cutting my hair for 25 years or so.  (That is, when I actually get it cut).  I have rather good hair - it grows thick, has a natural wave. I don't color it, perm it, rarely curl it and rarely use a hair dryer.  I'm hair lazy, I'll admit, but usually can get away with it.  It was Ollie that first colored my hair:  I remember the day very well.  My younger daughter Lauren was maybe six weeks old.  (She's 19, now).  My parents were visiting and they babysat Sarah and Lauren while I went to Ollie's shop for a cut and color.  I recall my dad's astonished remark that I needed to color my hair "at my age!".  ( I was 33 - my mother was completely grey at 35 and I was close behind).  Ollie told me then that I was "more than 50% grey" and would need a permanent color.  I was reluctant, but I tried it.  I colored my hair for several years but grew real tired of it.  Finally, I said, "enough" and just stopped.  It looked pretty bad as it grew out - using temporary color for awhile.  Anyway, Ollie is a friend and neighbor as well as a salon shop keeper.  She's Portugese and very gregarious.  She understands my hair better than anyone,and that's why I keep going to her.  She knows me, my lifestyle and my hair. 

Well, today she got me.  I would say she removed six inches of hair.  When I say "she got me" I mean that I pretty much let her cut it how she wanted to cut it.  And she did exactly that! She does great work, it's a great cut - conforms to the natural waves my hair has - but it's shorter than I've had it in several years.  The irony, though, is that so much of the length was damaged, that I was usually pulling it back, pinning it up, etc.  Now, this cut is a length of healthy hair, and few people recognized that it's been cut! 

My friend Theresa told me that my cut looked "vibrant!"  Well!! I'll take Vibrant! 



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